Academic Services


Cal-SOAP provides in-class tutoring at high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Our staff is paired with a credentialed teacher in order to provide extra assistance for students in the class.

We provide after-school tutoring for a majority of our high schools and middle schools. The program is a “drop-in” model in which students are not assigned to tutoring, but are able to receive our services if they choose to do so.

Summer Bridge

6-week summer program is made up of two components. The first is the “Elevate Math Program”, providing a middle school and high school program focused on building both math skills and student confidence. Elevate Math helps prepare students for success in college and their future careers. The second component of Summer Bridge is College/Career Exploration. Students participate in a series of workshops, class activities, and college tours to gain exposure to college campuses and their expectations. Students also have the opportunity to explore STEM careers with presentations from industry experts.

College Awareness & Planning Services


Our Cal-SOAP Advisors offer one on one assistance for our students. College and career awareness, grade checks, financial aid, and A-G Requirements are reviewed on a monthly basis. 1-2 Advisors are assigned per High School and Middle School for the purpose of frequent check-ins with our students.


Cal-SOAP offers a affordable 4 week SAT/ACT prep programs. Working together with "CROSSWALK Test Prep & Tutoring", Cal-SOAP staff assists 10th and 11th-grade students with both strategy and content. Other resources used are Khan Academy, Naviance, Collegeboard, ACT, practice tests, games, and academic tutoring to name a few.

Financial Aid Parent Night

Each Fall Cal-SOAP presents and informs parents and students on the financial aid application process for the FAFSA & CA Dream Act. These workshops are provided at each member high school and mainly attended by High School juniors and seniors prior to the onset of the financial aid season.

Cash for College

Between October 1st and March 2nd High School seniors and families are offered FREE Cash for College workshops to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act (CADAA) application so they can access financial aid for education and career/technical training beyond high school.

College Fairs

Each academic year students have the opportunity to attend a Cal-SOAP-sponsored College Fair. College Fairs are free to students and their parents and provide the opportunity to interact directly with representatives from over 50 colleges and universities.

College Tours

Every year, Cal-SOAP organizes college tours for students in our program. Most of the time, students get a guided tour of the campus and are often able to eat lunch in the student cafeteria. The tours are meant to open the eyes of our students to the possibility and reality of going to college. 

Often times, these tours are the determining factors when students are choosing what colleges they want to apply to. Most students who visit a campus with Cal-SOAP are seeing a university for the first time in their lives.

Tours we offer include but are not limited to the So-Cal Tour, CSUMB Tour, Stanford Tour, and the UC Berkeley tour. Tours are offered in-person and online.


Each year our Cal-SOAP graduating seniors who are planning to attend a 2-yr or 4-yr college or university may apply for the South County Cal-SOAP Scholarship. Applications are available each year in December and due in March. Selections for this competitive process are made each April. In addition, we help students to secure additional financial support by assisting them in locating and applying for other academic and need-based scholarships.

Each May, the Cal-SOAP scholarship recipients are recognized at SCCC’s signature event, AlumNight. In addition to recognizing the current class of seniors, donations are collected for the scholarship fund for the rising seniors, planning for graduation and college entrance the following year.

SoCal Tour (Postponed)

South County Cal-SOAP offers college tours to our students, and for many, this will be their first step on a college campus. Exposing students to various campuses is an essential part of instilling a college-going culture. We offer individual school tours during the year and in late winter we take a tour of Southern California Colleges. During a 4-day adventure with their Cal-SOAP advisors, high school juniors visit college and university campuses, participate in evening workshops, and meet Cal-SOAP alumni throughout the experience.


(College:Making It Happen)

A program designed to assist middle school parents, guardians, counselors, and students begin the college planning process. Through 60-90 minute classroom workshops we communicate the importance of early academic and financial planning in order for middle school children to have choices after high school graduation.

For more information, refer to the California Educational Round Table Intersegmental Coordinating Committee’s website.

IGTC (I'm Going to College)

Elementary school and a local college/university become partners to educate teachers, students, and parents to raise college awareness. The program culminates of a 6-week curriculum and a partnered college campus tour (UC, CSU, Community College, and Private Universities).

Parent Workshops

South County Cal-SOAP offers various morning and evening workshops to parents of K-12 students throughout the academic year at their child's school site. Topics include financial aid awareness, hands-on FAFSA/CADAA application completion/submission, how to navigate the college application process, and many more. During our annual South County Cal-SOAP Orientation, students, families, and educators are offered a myriad of workshops in varied topics, ranging anywhere from "The 4 Systems of Higher Education" to "Banking and Financial Literacy to "Disengagement in Education."

Rising Senior Camp

A 2-3 day workshop in July focusing on helping incoming seniors move forward with their college application and personal statements. Cal-SOAP counselors and advisors also work with students on how to finalize their college selection process. All Cal-SOAP eligible students are invited to apply.


Each Fall we provide college readiness workshops to prepare students as they pursue their higher education. Workshops are designed for K-12 students, parents, and educators. Topics include financial aid, college requirements, career exploration, and more.

Honoring George Flores, Inspirational Science Teacher, and Community Leader

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